Yannei masterplan

Yannei masterplan

2013_Xiamen, China.

Competition 1st prize

Team_Dan Burr, Diana Capitao, Raúl Rodríguez.

Varoom! is a 1963 pop art painting by Roy Lichtenstein that depicts an explosion and the onomatopoeic sound that gives it its name.

The Yannei masterplan is developed around a central plaza connected to the tube station. From the plaza we create an explosion of visual destinations to ordenate the flux of people towards the different areas.

A 7.5m grid runs around the plan articulating and shaping all the architecture. The Yannei site is a destination, but also a new starting point, with connecting routes and vistas to wider masterplan areas. The centre of the new development generates energy and spreads it  to adjacent buildings as living and breathing organism. We propose to combine universally recognised elements of traditional cities (networks of streets and squares) with modern, high density pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use development. The two are fused together to create a compact, sustainable city.Densities ranging from 800,000m² to 1 million m².



































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