12 St. James Street Venue

12 St. James Street Venue

The concept for the proposal design for a restaurant and a Venue at 12 Saint James St. bring into light the renaisance and palatial character of the existing building with its magnificent high ceilings, marble colums and detailed decoration.

The venue is divided in three main spaces: Ground Floor, Mezzanine and Lower Ground Level. Mezzanine Level and Ground Floor Level will have the same entrance and are designed with a palatial taste. The Lower Ground have a different access and develops an atractive underground contemporary designed space. The contrast of both spaces, neoclasical and contemporary offers the possibility to choose the right atmosphere for every single moment. At ground floor level, the design focusses on reinforcing the symmetrical geometry of the ground floor plan. We propose to emphasize the center of the venue with a crystal chandelier. Also in the same position a curved staircase follows the line of the mezzanine perimeter in order to reduce its presence. This sculptural object links the ground and the mezzanine level and optimise the flux of people around the plan.

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